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Expanding Universe?

Yes, it is expanding… another not so great mystery of the universe… really! Not surprising actually, I’m somewhat surprised science calls this a mystery. Again, it must be a secret, because again, my answer will actually embarrass the scientific community. Does science still think space is a void! Really? Doesn’t compute. Obviously wrong! Energy waves can’t travel through a void!! Something must perpetuate the wave! Let’s just do a little walk through and I’ll tell you what space really is… oh, and by the way. This will clear up several other things… gravity for example. Still a mystery to you guys? Try this on for size… space.. it was handed to you long ago, ether is what one man called it.

Ether means nothing to me, you too I’m sure cause science dismissed it decades ago, on the right track that guy was though. So that didn’t go far with science but I’ll tell you it’s really truly so simple and another man like myself was dismissed. Free electrons is what it be! Being blown off the sun with a rate and quantity that actually does expand the universe(dark energy!) as this is what every sun does… seriously fast!, this is what they teach? Try this on for size… how does a rover land on Mars, send back images and communicate anything through a void? Surely this is just a joke right? Electrons, with the kind of density that it is in fact an enormous cloud everything swims through as it is in fact also the fabric of that space(dense soup really, but nearly no weight), and how gravity even exists. Truly. You might ask how? So I’ll simply say, the sun truly blows apart hydrogen all fucking day. As it does every electron particle hits space, sending on those photon waves carrying that energy all the way to where it goes, also necessary for all electromagnetic waves, must travel through something with electrons, or hey, just a cloud of electrons! So the photon can travel, and so can radio, k-band and every other kind of signal we use to communicate any information as that information travels as waves through the electron soup.

From that hydrogen explosion which occurred at the sun, and flung that electron into space(electron cloud/soup), the really heavy particles like protons and neutrons simply fell like rocks into the core of the sun. That is where they lay, until one day the sun goes super nova(blows off protons) and that is all that remains is a super dense neutron clump, aka a neutron star! aka. A black hole is the eventuality! Whooo. This is what science has finally proven and acknowledged! About time! Black hole is what we call it, partly because it’s gravity is so immense, but a black hole actually because all the electrons(? aha, photons as light) do get sucked back in! Constantly sucking up the electrons and their wave with it’s immense gravity, that is why light does not escape and why it’s magnetic field is so immense that all objects of a galaxy are forced into a spiral shape! Everything does feel this gravity as even the nearby photon wave traveling on the electron soup as the soup itself is sucked into the gravity like a giant drain literally, draining off space at the speed of light. Since space is after all, electrons the wave cannot perpetuate fast enough through the soup as the soup goes down the drain faster than a wave can perpetuate at the speed of light! Thus it appears a black hole is black, and dare we say when they are sucked up like a vacuum into that massive proton/neutron body, they are then rolled along the surface at break neck speed, you see even the electron cannot penetrate this matter, towards the pole it literally rolls, smashing them into each other at crushing speed they are literally flung(shot!) up and down out of it’s center eye (north and south poles) of the black hole. Now moving at the speed of light(+spin of another order) when they are at an energy state of x-rays(super high frequency of rotation)(e.g. bowling electrons along the surface they achieve super high spin) as the actual electron particle is forced into space at the pole of the black hole(jet), the actual electron is now sent out on a journey we call the electromagnetic field flux lines… but space is hit again, and again, that wave perpetuates as an x-ray, but my friends this time we call it an x-ray simply because of it’s phenomenal higher spin produces a longer longer photon wave! That wave travels too, just like a rock thrown into a lake at light speed… it really moves, but the actual particle slows down just becoming space again, unless it’s actually the perpetuated along the flux lines of this magnetic field… either way we detect the x-ray wave and now WE can SEE the black hole! This is actually how science detects them now, and they’ll also finally admit a black hole is produced with nearly every sun super nova.

As I’ve stated above, the gravity of the black hole moves space at faster than the speed of light. This breaks apart the theory of maximum speed being the speed of light being the fastest anything can travel. For space itself can move backwards so fast, the photons stop in motion, and travel backwards too. This completely destroys maximum speed theories based on “The Speed of Light” being the fastest anything can travel. Sorry again Einstein, just had to break it down.

I’ve also stated in the paragraphs above that the reason all matter in a galaxy takes a spiral shape is because of the magnetic field. I’ll defend this statement with obvious observations and that is, all galaxies we observe force matter into a disc shape. Gravity is non-directional and has not increased strength in any direction. Magnetic fields however always force objects with fields to balance themselves inside the larger field. This is precisely why all solar systems, planets, stars, and yes, even neutrino’s are forced into the disc shape pattern. If they appear as a spiral, it’s just because the black hole has been a vacuum long enough to express the drain pattern of pull in conjunction with forces in motion. The fact that all matter is forced into a disc is merely an expression of the magnetic field of the black hole. You’ll notice also that it extends far beyond the gravitational field, it is that much more powerful! And yes, this is why are planet’s north pole is now in Russia, and continuing to move south. (See articles for a deeper explanation of this change in Earth)

To understand the magnetic field flux lines and how electrons are cycled through it, I would have to delve into something deeper called a three dimensional fractal. It’s critical to life, as it’s how DNA is compressed. Yes, it is a double helix as you know it but what you must understand is that you are viewing it UN-compressed. DNA is actually always compressed, folded seven times onto itself. In a truly phenomenal way our DNA uses magnetic fields to perpetuate it’s existence into reality even after we have died! It’s truly remarkable what you don’t know. Wait, too deep. Let’s save this bit about DNA’s amazing ability to use magnetic fields for another article(See articles (eventually (if you can handle more))). I swear I’ll cover it, and explain everything. I must stop DNA issue here, and get back to physics of the universe… Because Quantum Physics is true! With all it’s implications too.

Main points to take away from this, is that electrons are space, even when matter is in it’s cloud, it literally is saturated by the electron cloud for it is the fabric of space and the matter that forms has simply begun forming in the cloud for which it is always soaked in. Earth and all the planets, and everything that exists in matter actually moves through electrons, and that is why it seems they are always exchanging them. They are, not holding onto a single electron for more than a slight moment or so(orbits range), nanosecond likely true. Think of earth like a sponge, it really just floats in a soup of electrons and … oh yea. Let me give you another jewel. Dark matter? This is actually free protons and free neutrons! Yes it is, truly. Not mingling with the rest of it’s buds, these guys have formed clumps all by themselves, and must not be together if dark matter is what you are observing. The nuclear force is a real force, and A cloud of protons and/or neutrons I declare there must be two kinds of dark matter. Dark it is, because photons don’t travel well through it, let me rephrase… they don’t perpetuate a wave of well, they simply don’t get moved because we’re not now going through it. Waves if you can imagine, like on water are an up and down motion, since we’ve hit an island in space so to speak, this is the rare example of something else, not space, so the wave very effectively moves around it thus any photon wave is not well perpetuated, except around it and that’s how we see them when imaged. Hence we see this dark shadow, or now another void where photon energy does not perpetuate, but instead flows around it identifying it is there! Like an island in the ocean, a wave simply passes around except this island of matter does not absorb the wave neither. Not able to form an atom because at it’s simplest form you need one neutron, one proton and one electron to make hydrogen! These particles simply clump in space like everything else until at least one proton and one neutron connect and a bit of space(an electron) is sequestered and gives rise to brand new hydrogen atom!!! As this sole hydrogen atom too has gravity when floating in the electron soup, protons generate gravity all by themselves in a way, for they are blowing away electrons all day, electrons from all around them are sucked into an orbit and connect with it, only to be blown off, another electron moves into replace it and is soon blown away too. This is gravity at it’s simplest, since sucking in electrons literally is pulling the space in and everything in it, like placing items on a spread out blanked and pulling it into a clump from the center. They simply collect like any other kind of matter, I will not dispute the nuclear force, protons do repel protons though, it’s only by the glue of the neutron which in a sense has only a nuclear force field and no gravity when it’s all on it’s own. This is why a neutron star can spin so fast and not fly apart. Put simply the nuclear force is strongest of all, and that is why it’s difficult to put your hand through a wall.

All space expresses all waves as every wave must move all space in all directions which also creates it’s own interference pattern. The electrons literally give way all energy moving through it. Waves of space should be thought of exactly as waves in water, only take it three dimensionally. Those waves travel right through planets, stars, and everything else, until that wave hits something and that information is expressed! As not all waves from even our sun are simply color frequency photons, the full spectrum of energy frequencies must all be represented and transmitted in this medium of space. The sun is literally pulsating waves of energy through space in all directions continuously and all matter has to absorb or reflect that wave, depending on it’s atomic density. This causes the so familiar… dispersion pattern, for space! It’s the double slit experiment on the the grandest scale, across the entire energy frequency range, throughout our solar system! Created at the sun, with every atomic explosion of every hydrogen atom, so much energy is produced daily, it blows my mind why I’m paying for energy at all.

Gravity! Firstly, I must tell you that all protons literally repel protons and the neutron doesn’t care about charge, but the electrons are continuously attracted to protons for they are the opposite charge and so pulled in. If neutrons didn’t exist, hydrogen is the most complex atom that could exist! Lucky for us, there are neutrons and the quarks, gluons and other sub-atomic particles give rise to these, and need not be discussed here, since we are only defining particle interactions and the atom which is reality for you and me, this is the classical physics, and it’s all I need to define “The Theory of Everything”. Since quantum physics is done, truly… awesome and every time we try to prove it wrong. It is still right, yet it is far more complex and confusing… that’s what I love about it actually… it’s implications, are all I’ll take. Adopting these theories into the classical model allows a theory of everything to be well… frankly It’s already done. So… as you make atoms more complex moving along the periodic table, the more protons an atom has the more electrons they are said to have orbiting them because that is what balances that charge the protons add up to. To understand gravity and what it really is, I must use a mental model we’ll work through it as a mental experiment and I’ll explain the process in action. As science already knows/acknowledges this so you may know it too… but actually explaining it further, and gravity being the consequence becomes well, a crystal clear picture of gravity you’ve all been longing for.

In a mental model, I encourage you to think of a single hydrogen atom floating in a sea of electrons(space). This sole hydrogen atom has a single electron in orbit. It cannot fall into the proton/neutron nuclease instantly! Since all electrons are already moving, it’s attraction pulls it in from space moving around it into an orbit instantly, since it must balance the charge, or pull on all space I say it will, that is after all an electromagnetic field after all, only of opposite charge! Electrons are never still, they are constantly perpetuating waves of information, vibrating and slamming into each other, we say they are orbiting the nuclease. Rather imagine they are constantly accelerated by the draw of the proton, (Like gravity, but this is magnetism of two mono poles of opposite charge) since it’s pulled in like gravity, we say it doesn’t fall in, and cannot stop moving, thus they are orbiting! In truth however, they are circuiting the drain! Just like planets and stars of a black hole. Eventually their orbit will fall lower and lower until the electron actually touches the nuclease at which time it’s impact is like a marble hitting a bowling ball and the marble is moving at nearly light speed! Both so solid they literally fly apart! Keep in mind you’ve send the electron spinning from the impact, the proton, didn’t even feel it, though it has literally been blown off! This atom has now lost it’s electron, and a void(electromagnetic) has been created, a balance is lost! Not only do you need to replace this electron which flew off at high speed, but because it was constantly accelerated in orbit until it’s impact, it’s now been blown off entirely! Gone it is, and must be replaced by another, lets say.. new electron. So the positive charge of the proton literally creates a positive magnetic field and pulls on all electrons(space) and all that is in it since all are engaged with attraction until the balance of the proton is achieved. Pulling(attracting) from all nearby space is (GRAVITY, as we’ve named that force we experience) of the hydrogen, and yes, it’s very low gravity, bit it’s a single electron to replace! Gravity exists until the replacement of a single electron has been achieved, sadly though it’s continuously, needing to be replaced! In other words, electrons are constantly flung off(purely by nuclease impact), and that missing electron creates a void of charge thus a pull from all surrounding electrons to replace it. Since all atoms have electrons, and all atoms are following this same model of electron orbiting the drain. All atoms have some gravity, it’s a formula of (electrons bouncing off at specific rate in time) = (vacuum created(positive magnetic field) which pulls on all space(negativly changed particles (includes all matter which has electrons)) = gravity.

To say it yet again, in perhaps another way… Gravity is the drawing in and attraction of all electrons in surrounding space and matter to replace the electrons lost continuously due to nuclease impact and ricochet off of it. Simply because the single electron orbiting a hydrogen takes so long to hit rock bottom and since it’s a single electron, when it’s flung off, and it’s void is created, an attraction is immediately re-created on all space and matter surrounding it. Until the electron orbit is re-obtained, to fill that void(charge) and start the process all over again, and again, gravity is felt. In human time, all atoms always have gravity. This is a never ending process for all atoms! Thus, the definition of gravity. Add more protons, add more gravity! Their gravity isn’t a result of having more electrons, it’s greater because they blow them off at a faster rate to create a greater vacuum of unbalanced charge more often in time. Note: also, since different matter has different proton charge mixing different types of matter together, and again, at different volumes this gives you a unique rate of gravity for every chuck of mixed matter. As you increase proton count, you increase the speed at which electrons require replacement, i.e. the more protons you have on an atom, the greater the vacuum of gravity it creates per moment in time because electrons are constantly orbiting all the way down to the nuclease and blown off by their own kinetic energy of impact with the giant atomic nuclease that exists in every atom. Nothing here has enough energy to destroy the electron, and there isn’t enough energy in a single electron, even at this speed to destroy the atom. You simply have a situation where you’ve lost an electron, in fact your losing them at a constant rate which creates a constant vacuum pulling all space and matter in it to replace that which is lost, and this happens continuously. It’s also worth noting gravity’s force dissipates over distance, this is simply because the proton’s field and pull of electrons is not as strong as the electrons field force which also stands to reason and truth, since science already acknowledges magnetic fields extend further than gravitational fields, and we observe gravity’s force diminishes more rapidly with distance. Put simply, electrons furthast away are pulled closer all the time… So which gravity pulled it? Space is being mixed, stirred, and cycled through matter continuously and vise versa. Lucky for us, Every star is producing more electrons(space) all the time, hence again, why we have an expanding universe.

Energy/Mass Equation: E=MC^2
Gravity Equation: G=PC^2
Where G=Gravitational Force, M=Mass, and P=Protons, D=Distance from vacuum(Natural logarithm).

As the gravity is created by pulling on all space(electrons), and all matter within it. All protons of all atoms continuously pull in electrons like a black hole pulls in space i.e. It is the same exact force in action. In fact, the black hole expresses gravity to it’s fullest extent. A pattern we again see as a constant stream of electrons like a miniature black hole! They are literally flung off and with spin, so they kind of boomerang back and then pulled in as it attempts to fly by…Ahh… yes, now you know where I’m going. A standard magnetic field. Again, much smaller I’ll agree, but the electrons do constantly get ejected from the protons, and they are accelerated the closer they get to the nuclease. I know, I’ve just destroyed your orbiting model. Sorry. But it’s better to get these things right.

Wrap up. We’ve just solved… or cleared up, black holes as constant electron sucking vacuums, which then blow the electrons up and down as the poles are where they are actually pulled to, identical to the planet model, and to the atom model. All the same exact interactions, and yes, all at progressively more powerful levels of balance of energy/mass. There are no voids allowed, not ever! And since we’ve got to replace that electron, one is pulled(by vacuum) into place only to be ejected too. This is done in a constant and consistent manner in all matter continuously! i.e. Gravity therefore, is pull of the fabric of space(electrons like buckyballs) whatever exists in this space(atoms^x) to the largest vacuum which needs electrons to replace the ones it just lost. Like rolling a bowling ball into a mag lev gun the electrons are shot off with spin they received on contact with matter. The electrons moving in this stream are literally spun against the rest of the soup and boomerang back because they roll off of space(all the other electrons) and travel back due to spin, curving their flight path they fly right back but don’t get far gravity has got them again pulls them in to form the flux lines of the magnetic field. This is the creation of a magnetic field from matter and entirely due to it’s gravitational field plus one other factor… and that is the actual structure of the nuclease which allows the electron being boomeranged back to have an accelerated channel or path for which to re enter orbit while not orbiting the nuclease at all. These electrons continue to be flung off, boomerang back. I say boomerang to express the motion but what is actually happening is that electron impacts electrons head on but since this one is spinning it moves it with angularity and does that until spin is diminished, or it stops impacting matter. Since even space is pact full of electrons we’ll say the spin must be fully dissipated, and once that’s completed… well, the electron in now going the other way, at far slower speed mind you. Thus as it attempts it’s fly by again it’s pulled in by the gravity and is pulled in and is again, super accelerated… with this, a balance is achieved we have called magnetic-ability.

Bam! Nobel Prize Please!

I’ve Solved for you:

*Black holes (disc shape by magnetic field, gravity sucks up all space breaking speed of light limit while doing so!)

*Speed of light (just a number, space itself can move faster)

*Space (Electron cloud/soup, i.e the Fabric of space, all things saturated and moving through it)

*Dark Matter (Proton Clouds / Neutron Clouds)

*Dark energy (Stars making electrons at insane rates creates more space, thus expanding the universe)

*Gravity ((Positive electromagnetic fields) The true Vacuum! No voids, so we need to replace electrons as they bounce off the nuclease. Kinetic impacts, also add spin to electrons on impact)

*Magnetic Fields (The electrons are given spin, which creates two polls as the spin of one, spins the next the opposite direction, and so on, the spin is perpetuated through space, but not all matter)

*Neutron Stars (ridiculous spin and yet no gravity, they only attract by the nuclear force)

Who wants to know how to build a warp drive?
Maybe we’ll go sub-atomic interactions next?

Seriously, I just one upped Albert Einstein, sorry dude.
The most complete theory of everything ever proposed. And still in line with quantum physics, you will see, I’ll publish that soon. With this paper here, we will have a grand theory of everything very soon.

Taking a bow, Thank you! Boo ya!!! :-)
I’ve got ten bucks for the first dude to do the math!

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