14 Apr 2012 @ 2:36 PM 

Earlier this month I decided to take my ruby skills to the next level by really starting a ruby on rails project and set up a ruby dev environment and do all that server setup and deployment stuff.  (I do Capistrano by the way).   It’s actually a lot of work to switch gears and go from a lamp environment developer and take on a new language, learn it’s syntax, and object structure.  Not to mention learning all the nuances of compiling said applications(if necessary) then deploying them to a server that can actually handle global requests, and deliver data present a UI.  Learning Apache for example is a lifelong struggle for most, for example.  Non the less, new breads of developers demands new web servers so nginx was born and I’ll tell you this is a pretty sweet web server.

So I did the ruby zen thing and am now working entirely out of github on at least two or three… actually maybe four personal projects and I love it.  I love I can sit down at any machine and pull my code down, work on it, push it back up and viola, deploy.  Ruby on rails makes talking to computers easy.  Frankly it’s awesomely stupid easy and I love it.  Being still a hobby I needed and a sandbox, heroku is cool, I do like it, but I like knowing what’s going on under the hood so I got me a Linode server at, and what’s amazing about these guys is how easy it is to build a new server image of nearly and distro, and just mount it and go.  Run my Ruby Dev server install/setup shell scripts and Wamo!  A brand new test vps server at a public IP in less then ten minutes. It’s as easy as cap deploy and the entire web app is deployed to the public live server.   Brilliant!  I love it.


Posted By: Sean Reichle
Last Edit: 14 Apr 2012 @ 02:36 PM

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